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About Dosirak - Korean BBQ

Dosirak - Korean BBQ, (Korean for “homemade packed lunch/dinner box”) is a business on a mission - to share the delights of authentic, yet simple, Korean homemade food with British people.

From our lunch and dinner bowls packed with a variety of fresh and tasty foods like rice, egg, meat and vegetables – to new items adapted directly from Korean street food culture, our dedication and passion is poured into the delicious meals we deliver right to your door.


In Korean food culture, meals are based around rice (‘bap’), with smaller portions of meat and vegetables added to create different dishes. This approach means every meal has a variety of ingredients which add amazing flavour, colour and texture.

Dosirak - Korean BBQ is proud to introduce this style of eating to British people by offering a popular kind of Korean street food known as ‘cupbap’. We offer this simple, convenient and nutritious rice dish in a cup, with toppings including seasoned beef, pork, chicken and kimchi. Before eating, stir your cupbap well to blend the delicious, fresh Korean ingredients and flavours.

With cupbap prices ranging from £5.70 to £6.50 and side dishes such as meatballs, pancakes, dumplings and Kim mari(Korean seaweed roll) available from £3, it’s easy to feast like a king/queen on a reasonable budget.

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